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Fixed vs Variable Rates
Fixed mortgage rates in Canada have been marching higher over the past couple of weeks, led by a rise in funding costs for mortgage lenders.The main culprit is rising bond yields, which typically lead...
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Interest Rate Hike has Winners
Interest rate increase has winnersBelieve it or not, the recent .25% rise in the prime interest rate is an indicator of a healthy economy. Despite trade tensions, Canada’s economy looks to be...
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Housing Affordability continues to erode
Housing affordability continues to erodeNew mortgage rules, rising interest rates, and stress tests have definitely cooled housing market activity by making it more challenging for some to qualify for...
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A Time of Great Change
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2017A time of great changeAs you probably know, the mortgage rules are changing once again, effective January 1. The introduction of the minimum qualifying rate (stress test), this...
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